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Hometown Asphalt Paving of Virginia Beach

Welcome to Hometown Asphalt Paving of Virginia Beach, your local asphalt experts since 2001. We specialize in providing comprehensive paving and asphalt services for commercial and residential clients throughout Virginia Beach. With over [number] years of experience, our team of professional pavers, technicians, and construction crew bring unmatched expertise to every paving project. We handle everything from parking lot installation and repair, asphalt resurfacing, sealcoating and crack sealing to line stripping and road construction. No paving job is too big or too small for our fleet. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in delivering reliable, quality craftsmanship and customer service. Contact us today for a free estimate on transforming the look and function of your asphalt surfaces.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to asphalt paving in Virginia Beach, you can count on excellent results with Hometown. Here’s why you should choose us for your next paving project:

Quality Craftsmanship: With multi-generational experience under our belts, every one of our pavers, technicians and crew members consistently delivers professional, reliable work you expect. We won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied.

Comprehensive Services: No matter the paving task at hand, big or small, we offer a full range of commercial and residential services to suit your needs. From parking lots to road and driveway paving, we do it all.

Honest Pricing: You can trust that we offer fair, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. And with our upfront free estimates, you know what you’re investing before work begins.

Safety & Experience: Our team maintains extensive training and safety certification for operating vehicles and equipment. You can have peace of mind knowing we always adhere to industry best practices.

Customer Service: As a family-owned company, delivering an exceptional customer experience is central to our business. We truly care about each of our clients.

Our Services

Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

At Hometown Asphalt Paving, we may have roots as a local Virginia Beach company, but we operate at an enterprise level when it comes to expertise and professional standards. Our team continuously pursues the latest training and certifications to stay ahead of advances in materials and paving techniques. We also invest in state-of-the-art equipment matched to handle projects of any scale, whether renovating warehouse parking lots or repaving residential driveways.

Residential & Driveway Asphalt Paving

After the chaos of recent years, home means more. Yet the curb appeal of your property shapes that welcoming feeling when you return home. Bring back the wow by letting our specialists handle residential paving needs, from driveways to parking areas. With generations of local expertise, we'll enhance the outward appearance you come home to daily. Trust us to make your house shine with smooth new asphalt surfaces built to impress.

Commercial & Industrial Asphalt Paving

Smooth roads facilitate safe travel and economic growth. Our specialists carry on the time-honored craft of paving, making well-traveled business areas accessible and welcoming. Trust our local team to handle commercial projects minimizing disruption. We bring the latest techniques and quality materials to durable, long-lasting roads, parking lots and industrial surfaces. Let us refresh your community assets with new asphalt that withstands heavy traffic and endures for decades.

Parking Lot Paving & Striping

Faded parking lot stripes create daily headaches. Rather than squinting to discern spots, drivers give up and park haphazardly. This chain reaction leaves a maze of vehicles jamming lanes. Lack of clear boundaries also introduces safety issues for pedestrians and disabled access. Refresh and reopen your parking with professional striping. Our crews utilize quality paints and tools to recreate orderly, visible spots. Reclaim full capacity and make navigating easy again.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Fresh asphalt brings high upfront costs. Yet professional sealcoating protects your investment, locking in smoothness and function for years. This crucial maintenance renews bonding agents before sunlight and weather erode them. Don't skip scheduled reapplication. With no sealing, asphalt rapidly loses integrity as cracks splinter the surface. We make preserving performance affordable, prolonging pavement life. Let us handle sealing so you enjoy durability, avoiding premature replacement costs down the road.

Asphalt Patching

Potholes plague streets, inflicting vehicle damage and causing accidents. One deep pit can fracture axles, pop tires, and jar spinal discs. Cities field nonstop complaints yet struggle with urgent repair needs exceeding budgets. We offer rapid response using quality materials that endure, not cheap cold patch stopgaps. Trust us to restore safe transit and calm frustrated motorists. Our expert patching crews work cleanly and efficiently, minimizing traffic delays while delivering smooth, lasting pothole repairs.

The Best Asphalt Contractors in  Virginia Beach

Professional Team

With decades paved into Virginia Beach's roads, our specialists lead in experience. No project stumps our crews, who have mastered intricate challenges over generations of service. We blend time-honed techniques with emerging innovation to deliver reliable quality. Trust that we will handle your driveway, parking lot or road construction needs with finesse - our expertise guarantees efficient work you can depend on for durability. Let us pave the way forward.

Minimal Business Disruption

Prolonged paving disruptions drain profits. As a commercial ally, we respect your margins and tight timelines. Lean on our experience streamlining asphalt upgrades while minimizing closures. We refine time-savers like staging equipment ahead and sequencing worker crews for rapid installation, striping, and repairs. With tailored planning, we restore full parking access ASAP. Trust us to pave, seal, and stripe with business-minded efficiency, returning your focus to serving customers fast.

Dedicated to Your Vision

Major paving investments deserve a perfect outcome. With considerable budgets on the line, don't gamble on amateurs learning on the job. Eliminate buyer's remorse by letting our specialists bring visions to life. We listen closely, provide candid recommendations, and pledge to hold standards high until you feel complete satisfaction. Why waste money and time elsewhere? For asphalt installations and upgrades done right the first time, trust our customer-first approach.

Quality Work

For over 23 years, Hometown Asphalt has paved Virginia Beach with integrity. Quality craftsmanship and efficient project delivery define our reputation, with hundreds of successful jobs and zero complaints. We approach every driveway and parking lot as if working on our own homes, refusing to cut corners. Upfront estimates keep you on budget. Count on us to meet stringent deadline demands without sacrificing our signature smooth finishes. Trust that experience and care will show in the long-lasting results.

Decades Of Experience And Satisfied Customers

For years, Hometown Asphalt has led Virginia Beach in comprehensive paving services - from flawless asphalt installation to artful striping and durable repairs. Our expertise stems from a passionate team steeped in craftsmanship. We cherish our community and stand behind every parking lot, driveway and roadway we transform.

Whether you seek curb appeal for a residence or safe access for customers, trust us to deliver. Our quality materials and practices ensure long-lasting results resistant to time and weather. We offer complete maintenance like sealcoating as well because we aim for relationships not one-time jobs.

Of the numerous local options, we have stayed Virginia Beach's top choice by exceeding expectations. We offer guaranteed workmanship and listen closely to translate needs into tailored solutions. Contact us to experience our signature blend of skill, integrity and reliability. We eagerly welcome new partners as we continue improving our hometown, one smooth new surface at a time.

We’re passionate about our community and always at your service